SS. Peter & Paul

History of the Parish:
On May 1, 1981, Fr. Michael J. Dillon became the pastor of the newly formed parish of Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn and surrounding areas. The Catholic families in the whole parish numbered less than 550 at the time.

The first task was to name the parish. Fr. Dillon invited the parishioners to submit names. After a lot of discussion the name of SS. Peter & Paul was selected.

A Parish Council was elected in order to assist Fr. Dillon. In February 1982, a professional fundraiser was employed to help raise funds. The parishioners pledged generously, and at the end of the drive, $642,000 was raised. The parishioners of St. Rose, under the direction of Fr. Michael Cormack, pledged an additional $100,000. Due to the generous response, both a church and social hall were built. The parish council then appointed various committees to study the needs of the parish from the point of view of worship, education, and social life.

On April 17, 1983, the Most Reverend Francis A. Quinn officiated at the groundbreaking of the new church site. The building began one month later. A cornerstone from the Old St. Mary’s church was laid in the front of the new SS. Peter & Paul church to express the continuity of the former and new parishes. In May of 1991, Bishop Quinn returned for the groundbreaking ceremony of a religious education center, and an improved parking lot. In 2001, expansion continued with the building of a multipurpose room, and a new administration center to accommodate the growing parish.

After 28 years of service, Fr. Dillon retired on July 1, 2009 and was named pastor emeritus. A beautiful bell tower was constructed at the entrance of the church and was used for the first time at a special Mass that Fr. Dillon celebrated, ending his tenure as the first and founding pastor of SS. Peter & Paul Parish. Upon Fr. Dillon's retirement, Bishop Jaime Soto appointed Fr. Stanley Poltorak as pastor to guide the community. Fr. Stanley most recently served as pastor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Truckee, California. On Sunday, August 23, 2009, Bishop Soto formally installed Fr. Stanley as the second pastor of SS. Peter & Paul.

Currently, the parish is nearly five times its original size, with approximately 2,600 registered families. There are a dozen full- and part-time staff members to fill the positions of clergy, secretary, bookkeeper, music, liturgy, coordinators of religious education, and maintenance. With approximately 1,000 students in faith formation, there is a constant flurry of activities. Additionally, SS. Peter & Paul has several active groups serving the needs of the parish community, and reaching out to those in need in the nearby area.
Each year, SS. Peter & Paul initiates over 200 new members through Baptism, over 150 children celebrate First Eucharist, and over 100 are Confirmed. Additionally, 18 Marriages and 36 Memorial Masses are celebrated each year. (These numbers are approximate and vary from year to year.)

The atmosphere at SS. Peter & Paul is full of the Holy Spirit and love for the Lord. We go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

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